Acupuncture and Moxibusion                    keep you healthy!!

Acpuncture is kind of treatment that uses special needles.

All the needles are sterilized. Our clinic only use sterlizedneedles

manufactured in Japan. Each patient is treated with new needles, so there is no fear of infection.


Would you like to know more about our acupuncture needles? CLICK HERE

Moxibusion is a kind of treatment make your body warm.We use the moxa.

Moxa made from wildly grown herb, YOMOGI. The moxa is placed on your skin to warm the body system.

Look at this picture. Our moxa never gets hot as it has paper platform to prerent from burn marks.


Here is what to do when you visit our clinic.

1.  Please show me your medical information. Please fill in your personal information in the medical form. your name and your   address,phone number, birthday, existing medical history.


2.  Please explain your problem. Please explain your symptom.

 Which parts? How painful? and so on ...

3.  Please lie on the bed. Sometimes, you may need to take off your clothes.

Each session is about one hour. We change the towels each patient.


Treatment Costs

Japanese Cash Only

  • First visit fee              ¥1050
  • About one hour          ¥6500
  • About half an hour     ¥3500
  • Shiatsu                      ¥5700